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Sport October 15, 2017

Pelicans Guard, Bryce Dejean-Jones, Dies At Age 23

The details are a little murky at the moment but we have a decent knowledge of what occurred on May 28th.

From what we know, Jones broke down the door of a Dallas apartment very late at night. At the time, the resident was asleep as Jones broke in and the man grabbed his handgun. The man attempted to try and communicate with Jones but after receiving no answer, he shot Jones in the abdomen once.

Jones later collapsed in the breezeway, and was taken to a local hospital very quickly subsequent to the shooting. Jones reportedly bled out when he was in the hospital. Once he was taken to the hospital he was identified as Bryce Dejean-Jones.

According to ESPN, Jones was in Dallas to celebrate his daughter’s birthday and got involved in an argument with daughter’s mother. Dejean-Jones then broke into an apartment, and Jones thought that it was the apartment of his girlfriend and he accidentally broke into the wrong the apartment.

We are currently unaware if the man who shot Jones will have any charges filed against him. Since Jones was shot in Texas, it is highly unlikely considering the fact that in Texas an individual is allowed defend themselves if they feel threatened in their home. Additionally, the resident did not use force and did not provoke Jones, therefore he is free from that charge as well. watch live in

Dejean-Jones recently re-signed with the Pelicans with the deal being three years for 2.5 million dollars. Jones, as a player, had a different story than the majority of the NBA.

Jones went undrafted in the 2015 NBA Draft, but later joined the Pelicans in the Summer League after opening some eyes in college. He then signed with the Pelicans, but was waived after seven preseason games.

After spending some time off, Bryce joined the Idaho Stampede of the D-League where he impressed a lot of people with his tough defense and strong inside scoring. After that, he managed to impress New Orleans again.