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Education October 17, 2017

TV Shows British prime minister backs gaming

The British government has shown a rare sign of support for the video gaming industry. Prime Minister David Cameron is backing a stellar initiative in launching the United Kingdom’s first ever accessible gaming centre.

British prime minister backs gaming
British prime minister backs gaming

This is neat

The centre is in Witney, Oxfordshire. What makes it unique is that SpecialEffect, a children’s charity, runs it and it offers a hub where tech can be shared and tested with the aims of helping young people who have disabilities play video games This initiative will make games for disabled youngsters more accessible.

This is really neat

Eurogamer was in attendance at the launch, where Prime Minister Cameron said: ‘The work of SpecialEffect brings together three things that I am passionate about: helping those with disabilities, the innovative use of technology and corporate social responsibility’. Cameron continued, saying: ‘This new centre will enhance the quality of life for some of the most severely disabled people across the UK and I will continue to support SpecialEffect as their local MP.’

SpecialEffects’ patron, Matt Hampson, was on hand to assist Cameron unveil the centre. You may recall the horrifying story of an England under-21 rugby player being paralysed during a scrum accident. That’s Matt Hampson. He said: ‘Like me, many other people with disabilities are interested to find out about the benefits of games and leisure technology for socialisation, rehabilitation and, of course, fun. Now they drop into a friendly centre and can see what it can do for them.’

This is amazingly neat

As an avid gamer who has read heartwarming stories about how it is a struggle to play games for disabled young people, the fact that Prime Minister Cameron is backing this is heartwarming. For all the rubbish we give the government about not doing enough to save the video game industry in Europe, particularly regarding local video game sales and development, it’s really nice to read about a politician who sees the good that can come from the industry.

Education October 11, 2017

About Trigonometry Mathematics

Trigonometry (from the Greek trigonon = three angles and metro = measure) is a branch of mathematics dealing with angles of triangles and trigonometric functions such as sinus, cosine, and tangent. Trigonometry has a relationship with geometry, although there is disagreement about what the relationship is; for some people, trigonometry is part of geometry.

Early history

Early trigonometry can be traced back to the days of Ancient Egypt and Babylonian and Indus Valley civilizations, over 3000 years ago. Indian mathematicians are the pioneers of calculating algebraic variables used to calculate astronomy and also trigonometry. Lagadha is a known mathematician to this day who uses geometry and trigonometry for astronomical calculations in his Vedanga, Jyotisha, most of whose work was ruined by the Indian invaders.trigonometric formula

The Greek Mathematician Hipparchus around 150 BC constructed trigonometric tables to solve triangles.

Another Greek mathematician, Ptolemy around the year 100 developed further trigonometric counting.

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Silesia mathematician Bartholemaeus Pitiskus published an influential work on trigonometry in 1595 and introduced this word into English and French.